Expertise Marketing just turned 20 years old!

This milestone is worthy of celebration and reflection. I’m proud that I ran the business as a business, instead of just a Suzanne Lowe lifestyle choice. That meant being objective about successes and/or failures. It also meant running the business through a service portfolio. What revenue streams and service lines could withstand recessions and boom times? It also meant having a clear a mission that would help fuel my energy to re-commit every day. I had to remember that I loved helping companies grow and especially that I am motivated to help women business owners and leaders.

There have been disappointments too. I am drawn to innovation and I embrace change. But I don’t see this cultural approach from most professional- and B2B service enterprises. Most seem too change-resistant to me. Also I see too much gatekeeping and internal barrier-building, as if the spirit of entrepreneurism has evolved in the toward a lack of collaboration. This mentality is bad for success! I see underinvestment in organically growing a professional or B2B company. Acquisitions and mergers are fine, but leaves too many silos. Last, I see a lot of copycat behavior. What happened to differentiation?

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