There is progress on integrating professional services marketing and sales

One of the interactive breakouts during our first Professional Services Leadership Initiative (PSLI @SmithSchool) featured a 20-question quiz, based on a 2006 HBR article "Ending the War Between Sales and Marketing." I was pleasantly surprised by the results! Yes, professional service enterprises do have more work ahead, in order to fully integrate marketing and sales. But the participants' scores showed

The future of law firm marketing? Change!

I'm continuing to moderate a discussion on the future of legal marketing at the new Martindale-Hubbell Connected online community. Take a look at my second post, focusing on how marketers and business developers can lead autonomous professionals toward future-oriented changes.  As a way to stimulate discussion, I opened up our online poll about the barriers that exist when trying to

Marketing and business development stuck in a rut?

I'm conducting another one-minute survey for my upcoming book. The title of this survey is “Are Marketing and Business Development Functions Stuck in a Rut?” The professional services marketplace is rapidly changing, but many professional service firms (PSFs) have yet to keep pace by evolving the functional scope of their non-revenue generating Marketers and Business

Marketers on a mission

I just caught a glance at Seth Godin's blog post in which he describes the three big barriers that companies believe are hindering their growth.  I found the second one intriguing, in which companies and their marketers engage in a lack of authenticity as they tell their companies' stories.  Godin suggests that company leaders who,

Would Market-Based Management Work for PSFs?

Most PSF marketers spend their careers working to move their companies to embrace more nimble marketplace practices.  (Some have wailed to me that their companies are like barges in an ocean of speedboats!)  Indeed, in these consensus-driven micro-societies, new ideas often get watered down to the lowest common denominator in order to be accepted by

Going viral

One of the pleasures of Internet marketing is the incredible uptake of even the most simple new marketing message.  Sure, we've all been jealous when we hear from our professional services bretheren that a snippet of Internet video has gotten picked up broadly and favorably.    But what about the pain from the unwelcome spread

How much ahead should you be?

It's hard to not be deafened by the cacophony about blogging, podcasts, wikis, and you-name-it Internet marketing communications channels.  Every professional services marketing leader I know is taking a hard look at these new media avenues.  The eventual "winner," of course, will be the firm that manages to strike just the right balance of old

Who’s translating your message?

Professional service marketers already understand the challenges of international translations - and the unspeakable pain when something comes out dreadfully wrong in another language.  With an increasing number of bloggers under their umbrellas, professional service marketers now must consider new challenges:  Incorrectly translated blog posts from one of your consultants, architects, accountants, lawyers or engineers,

Luck AND effort

I'm intrigued by the issues laid out through Steven Levitt's and Stephen Dubner's Freakonomics blog and other writings regarding "how people get good at whatever they're good at" (by practicing it!).  Their May 7 2006 New York Times magazine article discusses research that says practice really does make all the difference in the eventual outcome

On overcommunicating

Some of you may have noticed that my blog went silent for a few weeks.  I was on a special 30th anniversary trip with my wonderful husband, and I just returned.  As with any time away from work, I had a chance to reflect on the way things are, and the way they ought to