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Professional Services Marketing 3.0

I recommend Bruce Marcus's new book, Professional Services Marketing 3.0. Like Bruce, it's a thoughtful, well-grounded piece of work that is filled with respectful observations and crisp comments on the state of marketing in professional services.I only wish Bruce's work were more widely known outside of law and accounting circles. One of the points Bruce

A Woman of Substance

Over the past few months I have picked my way through Maureen Broderick's new book The Art of Managing Professional Services. A very good book, written by a woman of substance.  I love seeing work that is thoughtful, thorough and pertinent. Any PSF leader will find wonderful points and meaty examples in its pages. Here are

Winning the Professional Services Sale: My Thoughts

Mike McLaughlin's new book "Winning the Professional Services Sale" couldn’t come at a better time. As professional service firms slog through a global economic meltdown, the definition of "value" is increasingly in question. In the olden days, clients bought on "trust" and "the relationship." Clients assumed they'd get value, and sellers "held back" some manifestations

In praise of building marketing and selling skills

I'm hunkered down, writing my second book, The Integration Imperative. One of my book's themes is that marketing and business development should be everyone's job, no matter what role they play within their professional service firms. For revenue-generating practitioners, it's often up to the individual to seek alternate ways to grow skills in marketing and

I should hate David Maister

In the traditional view of business competition, I should hate David Maister.  He targets the same types of clients that I do -- professional service firms -- and his work is designed to help them achieve the same goals -- marketplace gains.  But I just can't do it.  Here's a guy who smashes many of

Let’s get small

There's been talk recently about the new way that people are buying services: in small chunks.  When I attended an audio conference call on Wednesday, presented by the Consultants News editor Jess Scheer, he cited research by ITSMA that IT projects are getting smaller, taking longer to sell, and involving more people to sell them. 

What’s Your Must-Win Battle?

I love reading the 800-CEO-Read Daily blog because it clues me in to new books that I'd probably miss.   Here's one that came out while I was away, and it looks like a great concept for professional service firms:   Must-Win Battles by Peter Killing and Tom Malnight.  Their point is that an intellectual approach to

Where are YOUR clients going

Earlier this week, I received a promotional e-mail from BTI Consulting about its new research on "How [Law Firm] Clients Hire, Fire and Spend."  The report summary outlines some of the findings: 53.7% of clients ousted their primary law firm; Only 30.7% of clients recommend their primary law firm; 64.3% of clients plan to hire