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How mid-level marketers can provide new value

Suzanne Lowe highlights a popular topic for the Action Learning Projects at the 2014-15 Professional Services Leadership Initiative at the Robert H. Smith School of Business: integrating marketing and sales.   Why do marketing and selling disconnects exist between these functions at professional service firms? Part of the reason is that they work at different

More evidence: marketing and sales are disconnected

I just read the summary of findings from a recent ITSMA study on sales enablement in B2B technology companies. They wrote: . . . of the companies we surveyed, just 16% have shared metrics between sales and marketing. Worse, only 25% of companies said that their marketing and sales groups even have an understanding of each

Packaging for Thought Leadership

In the last two weeks, I've received two very creatively packaged pieces of thought leadership on professional service marketing.  The first was a PDF from wals studios. It was entitled "Meet ROI: Marketing Metrics Survey Results."  Using an illustrated version of a fictitious architect or engineer, Roy, the authors outline their purpose for the document:

Rainmaker, Rainmaker, Make me Some Rain

My friend Ford Harding recently asked me to review the newly published second edition of his classic book, “Rain Making: Attract New Clients No Matter What Your Field.”  At the time of his request, I thought:  “Geez, I hold Ford in high regard, but how am I ever going to find the time to squeeze

I’m at the February 2008 Carnival of Trust

My friend Charles Green is using the blog carnival concept (a collection of blog posts that are deemed worthy of a blogger's chosen theme; I think Charlie started his Carnival of Trust in 2006.)  The theme for the Carnival of Trust is a demonstration of business trust.  Each month, the (rotating) host selects the Top

Pricing: An Elephant in the Professional Services Room?

Kudos to RainToday for launching a study on pricing in professional services (even though it only covers U.S. firms).  Some of the things the study will cover include: firms that have been able to charge higher prices to see what they do differently than those with average and lower fees how brand recognition affects the

I told the truth — and got hired anyway

Liar, liar, pants on fire! For those of us -- ahem -- seasoned pros, we're supposed to have handled every type of engagement, right?  Our prices are set to match our marketplace tenure, right?   We want to be recognized for our experience, right?    OK.  Tell the truth.  You HAVEN'T done it all, have you? 

Five Biggest Professional Service Presentation Don’ts

My clients and business associates know I spend a lot of time writing and speaking about differentiation.  Imagine my glee, then, when my friend Ford Harding, author of Creating Rainmakers, wanted to know if I would join him and a consulting friend in coming up with our counsel on a single topic: “The Five Biggest