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Does open office space affect professional services integration?

Last fall, a client showed me her company’s new office space. Everywhere I looked, there were no walls, lots of windows, modular desks, cubbies for the storage of employees’ personal belongings (each morning they choose a new desk), standing computer stations, and flexible meeting spaces.   My client was enthusiastic about this new office arrangement,

Use internal segmentation to drive change

Suzanne Lowe advises professional service marketers to use classic segmentation methods when introducing new initiatives to internal client-facing practitioners and/or business developers. Let’s say Marketing wants to implement a new initiative that's never been tried by the firm before: an email campaign that uses new thought leadership content.      She suggests segmenting the internal

Friendship-Based Integration Is Not Enough

My new video highlights the continuing challenges of integrating marketing and sales (business development) in the professional services arena. Since publishing my book The Integration Imperative, there has been much progress to integrate these functions. And I'm pleased that the critical topic of integrating marketing and selling is addressed by the 2014-2015 Professional Services Leadership Initiative (PSLI).

How mid-level marketers can provide new value

Suzanne Lowe highlights a popular topic for the Action Learning Projects at the 2014-15 Professional Services Leadership Initiative at the Robert H. Smith School of Business: integrating marketing and sales.   Why do marketing and selling disconnects exist between these functions at professional service firms? Part of the reason is that they work at different

Setting up effective professional services alumni relations programs

A CMO of a very well-respected financial services company is considering creating a structured alumni relations program for his firm. I volunteered to reach out to my senior marketing contacts about formal alumni relations programs. If your firm has such a program, we’d be interested in your perspectives on the questions below. (If I get

Professional Services Marketing 3.0

I recommend Bruce Marcus's new book, Professional Services Marketing 3.0. Like Bruce, it's a thoughtful, well-grounded piece of work that is filled with respectful observations and crisp comments on the state of marketing in professional services.I only wish Bruce's work were more widely known outside of law and accounting circles. One of the points Bruce

Do corporate silos serve a purpose? Well, yes they can

Do corporate silos actually offer a company some benefits? Well, yes, they can. For the opportunity to talk about this issue, I offer my gratitude to BL Ochman. BL is the only person to ask me that question (the very first one she asked in her just-posted interview with me) regarding the concepts in my new book, The Integration

For small PSFs, teaming and joint venturing could help ride out a recession

This spring, I facilitated a panel discussion at the ACEC annual conference about how small professional service firms can grow their businesses by teaming up or entering into joint ventures with other firms.  If undertaken as a strategic long-term move, and not a last-minute tactical grab to survive a recession, it could be a smart way to compete.   Here's a