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Three trends in 2014 for professional services branding

One of the modules in our upcoming November 2014 Professional Services Leadership Initiative will be Global Branding. Check out my newest video about three trends I observe about professional services branding for 2014.   The first trend is the way brands are impacted by technology. Increasingly, professional service firms must manage the consistency between the digital and

Leaders’ retirements mean big changes for professional service firms

Here's another reason why I'm keen to develop a cross-sector educational program to help tomorrow's professional service firm leaders manage and grow their firms effectively: the impending retirements of today's baby-boom generation leaders. How well prepared are the next generation of management consulting leaders to move their firms ahead? Take a look at my comments

Services marketers: self-taught or formally trained?

Last week, I debuted my Learning to Fly newsletter series about skills growth in professional services marketing, business development, leadership and management. This series is relevant for anyone who has -- or wants to have -- responsibility for leading a professional firm to grow its market share. (Click here if you want to subscribe.)  I'm not the only one thinking about the

My new “Learning to Fly” newsletter series

One of the major themes of my latest book was that individuals’ skills growth -- or lack of it -- regarding marketing and business development was a major impediment to their professional firm's effectiveness in competing advantageously. No matter whether people were client-facing practitioners or administrative staff, their lack of knowledge about professional services marketing and business development

Reputation versus brand: What this debate says about professional service firm marketing strategy

"Reputation Warfare," in the December 2010 Harvard Business Review, gives professional service marketers a chance to discuss the meaning behind the words "reputation" and "brand." Are they the same, different -- or do they overlap? I think they overlap.  But some seasoned marketers believe you cannot separate a firm's reputation from its brand. (Take a look at

Is it really “thought leadership” — or just great design?

I just read a Booz & Co piece (authored by Munich-based partner Gregor Harter), entitled "Who Would Ever Want to be a CMO?" This white paper is targeted to the consumer goods world. Harter says, "Simply dazzling consumers with great creative is not enough anymore."  It gets me wondering about how PSF marketers approach the packaging of

Pricing: An Elephant in the Professional Services Room?

Kudos to RainToday for launching a study on pricing in professional services (even though it only covers U.S. firms).  Some of the things the study will cover include: firms that have been able to charge higher prices to see what they do differently than those with average and lower fees how brand recognition affects the