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Stereotypes are no longer acceptable!

In my video this week, I describe the study findings about workplace gender bias cited in a December 6, 2014 New York Times article by Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg (“When talking about bias backfires”). The article offers fascinating insights for professional services marketing.   “. . . new research suggests that, if we’re not

Leaders’ retirements mean big changes for professional service firms

Here's another reason why I'm keen to develop a cross-sector educational program to help tomorrow's professional service firm leaders manage and grow their firms effectively: the impending retirements of today's baby-boom generation leaders. How well prepared are the next generation of management consulting leaders to move their firms ahead? Take a look at my comments

Building skills and credentials to grow a professional firm

How are professional service firms helping their current and future leaders gain skills and credentials to manage their companies? As yet, there is no United States-based cross-sector educational program that integrates the deep knowledge and best practices of growing a firm so that it can compete effectively. That intelligence lies inside the minds (and silos)

Reputation versus brand: What this debate says about professional service firm marketing strategy

"Reputation Warfare," in the December 2010 Harvard Business Review, gives professional service marketers a chance to discuss the meaning behind the words "reputation" and "brand." Are they the same, different -- or do they overlap? I think they overlap.  But some seasoned marketers believe you cannot separate a firm's reputation from its brand. (Take a look at

I’m tracking others’ insights – on Pricing and Value Propositions

I've been watching Chris Marston's blog.  At first glance, it appears he's just one more of many law-firm-management commentators.   But take a closer look.  For you non-law-firm professional service marketing leaders, Marston is one of the few who talks about PRICING and VALUE for clients.  I love his comments on his late-summer post on the

I’m tracking others’ insights – on Innovation

I've been watching how other bloggers address topics that I think are critical to the marketplace leadership of professional service firms.  Take a look at what I found recently, followed by my own remarks.  High-fives to Michelle Golden, whose blog mostly focuses on law and accounting firm marketing, for providing a close look at how

I’m tracking others’ insights – on Value Propositions and Differentiation

A tip of my hat to Brian Sommer for his Services Safari blog, which has a focus on "improving professional services."  He's got three great posts that all address the links between a firm's distinctiveness, client-perceived value, competitive advantage, and targeted marketplace focus.   Each one has a unique angle: Resurgence in Big 8 - Sommer

I’m tracking others’ insights – on Marketing Roles

Here's a roundup of some important insights I've found on others' blogs, with my remarks about why you should read their posts.  These posts are about the evolving role of Marketing. Check out Bruce MacEwen's blog about a McKinsey article on the evolving role of the CMO.  MacEwen adds his observations to a discussion I've

I’m tracking others’ insights — on Economics

Here's a roundup of some important insights I've found on others' blogs, with my remarks about why you should read their posts.  These posts are about economics, which is a terribly under-considered subject in the professional services arena. Knowledge Management Yesterday and Today -- Bruce MacEwen, writing in his Adam Smith Esq blog, has recently

Nothing new to say?

More great stuff on consulting firms' thought leadership effectiveness (or the lack of it!) from Fiona Czerniawska, featured in a recent issue of Management Consulting News.  Her report, White Space 2007, examines "the most, the best and the worst [thought leadership] material produced by top global consulting firms."  The focus this time is HR consulting