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Building skills and credentials to grow a professional firm

How are professional service firms helping their current and future leaders gain skills and credentials to manage their companies? As yet, there is no United States-based cross-sector educational program that integrates the deep knowledge and best practices of growing a firm so that it can compete effectively. That intelligence lies inside the minds (and silos)

Digital versus paper: what’s the future for professional services?

In the past several weeks, I've encountered questions about the effectiveness of digital marketing versus paper-driven communications. Today's WSJ piece "Marketers Still Prefer a Paper Trail," asserts that people are motivated to go to a Web site to buy when they see an item in a catalog.  Some of my marketing communication friends tell me that their professional service

Consulting Magazine takes a hint?

In a March post, I dinged Consulting Magazine for featuring so many white men in their monthly electronic one-on-one interviews.  Yesterday, I received my newest hardcopy issue, May/June, 2006, which features the magazine’s annual “Top 25 Consultants” list.  Fascinating!  Right there on the cover, in bold color, literally, are three women, one of whom is