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The Return of Market Intelligence

The topic of this 90-second video is “the return of market intelligence” in the professional services arena, from two perspectives.   First, market research is making a comeback from its previously low status in the marketing functional portfolio. Increasingly, senior marketing leaders are asking their mid-level marketing managers to do research as a springboard for marketing

Managing outsourced service provider relationships

In this video, I discuss the opportunities and challenges facing mid-level professional services marketers as they manage outsourced service providers for their enterprises. For many mid-level marketers, leading a project with an outside agency is their first chance to steer an initiative on their own. The stakes are high.      Many mid-level professional services

What’s next in marketing technology for professional services

In my newest video, I discuss digital marketing, which will be one of the modules at the 2014-15 Professional Services Leadership Initiative at the Robert H. Smith School of Business.     Professional service marketers have made significant strides in four areas of marketing technology. First, they have embraced social media channels for thought leadership

Measuring professional and business service Word-of-Mouth marketing

I usually bluster that professional and business service firms (PSFs and B2Bs) get short shrift in research on marketing practices. And I am sometimes concerned when PSF and B2B marketers tell me they are challenged about undertaking even (arguably) traditional measurements like brand awareness.   But when it comes to Word-of-Mouth marketing -- much less measuring it -- it's a new world

Want Marketing and BD effectiveness? Then talk to us!

In January, I posed a question to the attendees of a law firm marketing conference about the barriers they face in improving effectiveness.  Those attendees responses are featured here.  I asked the same questions of my blog readers. Here's what you said: What is the most difficult barrier your firm faces in improving marketing and business

PSFs should fix technology barriers first!

In my “Big Question #1” post, I asked my blog readers to tell me which PSF marketing and business development effectiveness barrier(s) they’d address first if they were their firm’s executive managers. Here’s the conference's polling results, in case you missed it. None/Not enough measurement of programs or people = 25% None/Not enough incentives and

My Big Question #1

Recently I moderated a panel discussion of CMOs at an annual conference of law firm senior marketers and marketing partners. We surveyed the 150+ attendees on the following question: What is the most difficult barrier your firm faces in improving Marketing and Business Development effectiveness? Their answers spoke volumes! None/Not enough measurement of programs or people =

Are you “cup half-empty” on Marketing ROI?

Paul Dunay is.  I just received his latest Buzz Marketing for Technology newsletter, which featured a link to an intriguing post entitled "Is ROI Killing Marketing?" Dunay's got a special facility for exaggerating to make a point  (he even says he does this on purpose!).  This is a technique that actually DOES make people stop

Pay attention to anomalies and other nuggets from a conference

I went to a conference on Measuring Innovation Performance yesterday.  It was the first time in too long that I was an attendee, not a speaker, and so I enjoyed myself immensely.  Some of the content related to classic business strategy, some to differentiation.  Some of the best nuggets related to professional service firms (PSF)

Money’s pouring in; why are these people crying?

Just today, I had conversations with two people in different levels of seniority and in different professional sectors about a scenario I had hoped would never occur again: as a firm rakes in the revenues and profits, resistance builds to investing in tomorrow's marketplace advantage.  Conversation #1 A marketing manager in a very prominent professional