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The Return of Market Intelligence

The topic of this 90-second video is “the return of market intelligence” in the professional services arena, from two perspectives.   First, market research is making a comeback from its previously low status in the marketing functional portfolio. Increasingly, senior marketing leaders are asking their mid-level marketing managers to do research as a springboard for marketing

My new “Learning to Fly” newsletter series

One of the major themes of my latest book was that individuals’ skills growth -- or lack of it -- regarding marketing and business development was a major impediment to their professional firm's effectiveness in competing advantageously. No matter whether people were client-facing practitioners or administrative staff, their lack of knowledge about professional services marketing and business development

How are consulting firms using the web for thought leadership?

Most consulting firms develop proprietary methodologies that they use to bring added value to their clients. Some of these methodologies have become mainstream business techniques (Balanced Scorecard, Net Promoter Score, Lean Thinking and Business Process Engineering).   How has the web changed the way thought leadership is created in the consulting arena? It's an intriguing question; so much

Sales and Marketing: working as equals!

B2B marketers, take a look at the August 2009 CMO Survey, published by Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and The American Marketing Association. I'll bet the results to-date are heavily weighted toward B2C companies. But over time, as the study becomes more well known to B2B companies, and if the study's lead researcher Professor Christine Moorman keeps splitting out

A CMO survey that includes B2B services!

Great to see a survey that covers topics like "Firm Growth Strategies" and "Marketing Organization and Leadership," and that features a slice of results relevant to B2B service marketers.  It's The CMO Survey, sponsored twice a year by Duke's Fuqua School of Business and the American Marketing Association. I especially like the easy-to-digest slide show of the

STILL the only verified link between marketing measurement and effectiveness

A little more than two years ago, Larry Bodine and I released our groundbreaking report "Increasing Marketing Effectiveness for Professional Firms." Today we are re-releasing it for $225 (US). This 80-page study features in-depth quantitative and qualitative findings and a 68-page companion case-studies report from nearly 400 professional service firms in more than 12 sectors. 

Taking baby steps toward better serving clients

My friend Patrick McKenna just sent me a copy of his firm's latest research, "Current Practices in Client Teams." It was a study conducted in June 2008 of nearly 100 law firms regarding how they form multidisciplinary teams to better serve their clients.  Candidly, it appears law firms have a long way to go toward

Does integrating professional services Marketing and Biz Dev Benefit CLIENTS?

The findings from the last of four mini-surveys dedicated to my upcoming book, The Integration Imperative, are now available here. In this two-question-survey, we asked professional service firms (PSFs) if erasing Marketing and Business Development silos makes (or could make) a positive difference for their clients. Even though the response base was very small (25

PSF Marketing/Business Development Integration – Does it Benefit Clients?

I’m hoping you can help with the fourth and final one-minute survey for my upcoming book The Integration Imperative™: Erasing Marketing and Business Development Silos - Once and for All - in Professional Service Firms. The title of this survey is "PSF Marketing/Business Development Integration – Does it Benefit Clients?" Our study findings, and those

How Well do PSF Marketing and BD Work with Other Functions?

The findings from the third of our four mini-surveys dedicated to my upcoming book, The Integration Imperative, are now available here.  In this mini-survey, we asked PSFs how well they are doing at creating formal working relationships between Marketing, Business Development and other operational functions like HR, IT, Finance, Legal and more. On this issue,