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Avoid marketing department churn

In this video, I describe my view that marketing departmental structures in professional service firms can be categorized along a continuum.    On one end of the structural continuum is the never-changing, very hierarchical organizational model. In this framework, marketers are stove-piped into narrow functional responsibilities. They become stuck in roles that don’t afford new

PSFs are breaking barriers

I just blogged about how I hope PSFs are using this downturn to address their marketing-to-selling barriers.  Hurrah - I found one already! It's a Wall Street Journal article about an engineering firm using social networking analysis to break down organization silos.

The upside of layoffs

Layoffs have come to professional service firms. It's painful to see PSFs encounter the inevitable downsides of the economy.  But there can be an upside: to reconfigure the enterprise's go-to-market approaches so the firm can compete more effectively in the future. (You can bet most PSFs have been marketing and selling under numerous organizational barriers that have impeded their processes, skill

I’m Processing – Part 4

I just talked to a company about a potential speaking engagement for a large group of professional service firm managing partners and marketing directors. Their hoped-for topic is "professional services' consumer behavior in challenging economic times." Basically, their question is: what do professional- and B2B service firms need to understand about the way their consumers

I’m Processing – Part 3

This post is my third in a series on the topic of marketing and selling process improvement in the professional services arena. I've made points about how critical it is for PSFs and B2Bs, especially in challenging economic times, to become more effective in marketing and business development. In my research, writing and consulting, I

I’m Processing – Part 2

I'm on a bit of a rant about marketing and business development process improvements in the professional services arena. My previous post was about the efforts many PSF and B2Bs are making to improve their marketing, business development and client service processes. If you have any good examples, post your comments to this blog post

I’m Processing – Part 1

I'm married to a hospital administration professor, so I hear a lot about process and quality improvement in hospitals. It's an entire field, focused on the critical aspects of delivering high-quality health care services. Of course, it's easy to see why a hospital's focus on improving processes has a direct effect on saving lives and

PSF Marketing/Business Development Integration – Does it Benefit Clients?

I’m hoping you can help with the fourth and final one-minute survey for my upcoming book The Integration Imperative™: Erasing Marketing and Business Development Silos - Once and for All - in Professional Service Firms. The title of this survey is "PSF Marketing/Business Development Integration – Does it Benefit Clients?" Our study findings, and those