Professional services marketing effectiveness

T. Rowe Price digital marketer applauds the #PSLI Professional Services Leadership Initiative

T. Rowe Price digital marketer describes the value she received from the Professional Services Leadership Initiative

Randstad’s North America CMO describes the value of the 2015 Professional Services Leadership Initiative #PSLI

Randstad’s North Americas CMO describes the benefits she and her team received from their participation in the 2014-2015 Professional Services Leadership Initiative (PSLI). These include non-competitive information sharing, gaining a global perspective, being challenged to grow, developing a perspective beyond her own company and working in teams. She provides advice to new participants: Be prepared!

Does open office space affect professional services integration?

Last fall, a client showed me her company’s new office space. Everywhere I looked, there were no walls, lots of windows, modular desks, cubbies for the storage of employees’ personal belongings (each morning they choose a new desk), standing computer stations, and flexible meeting spaces.   My client was enthusiastic about this new office arrangement,

A five-year cycle for marketing technologies

Marketing technology in the professional services arena appears to be on a five-year evolutionary cycle.  We looked at four areas: CRM, marketing automation, contacts management and brands.  In CRM, marketers now have options for cloud-based services that they didn't have five years ago, when most CRM Systems were housed on hard drives and local servers.

The power of the pilot

The Professional Services Leadership Initiative #PSLI, held for the second year in a row at the R. H. Smith School of Business @SmithSchool, concluded last week. More than twenty marketing managers from around the world presented their Action Learning Projects to their senior executives. The projects focused on: integrating marketing with selling; using market research

The ROI Trap

Professional service marketers too often fall into a trap if they pursue the wrong types of ROI measurement. One ROI trap is measuring the wrong things like non-client “events” such as click-throughs on an email campaign, web site hits, or media mentions. These activities are nice to know but not necessarily indicative of future sales.

Use internal segmentation to drive change

Suzanne Lowe advises professional service marketers to use classic segmentation methods when introducing new initiatives to internal client-facing practitioners and/or business developers. Let’s say Marketing wants to implement a new initiative that's never been tried by the firm before: an email campaign that uses new thought leadership content.      She suggests segmenting the internal

Stereotypes are no longer acceptable!

In my video this week, I describe the study findings about workplace gender bias cited in a December 6, 2014 New York Times article by Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg (“When talking about bias backfires”). The article offers fascinating insights for professional services marketing.   “. . . new research suggests that, if we’re not

Friendship-Based Integration Is Not Enough

My new video highlights the continuing challenges of integrating marketing and sales (business development) in the professional services arena. Since publishing my book The Integration Imperative, there has been much progress to integrate these functions. And I'm pleased that the critical topic of integrating marketing and selling is addressed by the 2014-2015 Professional Services Leadership Initiative (PSLI).