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Does open office space affect professional services integration?

Last fall, a client showed me her company’s new office space. Everywhere I looked, there were no walls, lots of windows, modular desks, cubbies for the storage of employees’ personal belongings (each morning they choose a new desk), standing computer stations, and flexible meeting spaces.   My client was enthusiastic about this new office arrangement,

Substantive discussions about the future of law firms

Here is a link to the conference papers presented at the just-concluded Georgetown University Law Center's conference, "Law Firm Evolution: Brave New World or Business As Usual?"  My thanks to Robert Sawhney for sending me a link to his comments about some of the conclusions cited at this meeting, which was sponsored by the Center for the Study

How are consulting firms using the web for thought leadership?

Most consulting firms develop proprietary methodologies that they use to bring added value to their clients. Some of these methodologies have become mainstream business techniques (Balanced Scorecard, Net Promoter Score, Lean Thinking and Business Process Engineering).   How has the web changed the way thought leadership is created in the consulting arena? It's an intriguing question; so much

Join our discussion on the future of legal marketing

I'm continuing to moderate a discussion on the future of legal marketing at the new Martindale-Hubbell Connected online community. I've just posted four parts of a discussion I started last week with my esteemed friend Bruce Marcus. Take a look below, then add your voice to the Martindale-Hubbell Connected discussion.  (If you haven't registered for this closed community, just follow

I’m tracking others’ insights – on Innovation

I've been watching how other bloggers address topics that I think are critical to the marketplace leadership of professional service firms.  Take a look at what I found recently, followed by my own remarks.  High-fives to Michelle Golden, whose blog mostly focuses on law and accounting firm marketing, for providing a close look at how

Pay attention to anomalies and other nuggets from a conference

I went to a conference on Measuring Innovation Performance yesterday.  It was the first time in too long that I was an attendee, not a speaker, and so I enjoyed myself immensely.  Some of the content related to classic business strategy, some to differentiation.  Some of the best nuggets related to professional service firms (PSF)

Lawyers ahead of management consultants

"We're in a relationship business," says Dennis Fleischmann, managing partner of law firm Bryan Cave's New York office as he discusses the firm's women-only networking events in Carol Hymowitz's "In the Lead" column in today's Wall Street Journal (subscription required).  Hymowitz reports on how numerous other professional service firms and other corporate leaders are employing

Embrace the unexpected

Seth Godin's blog post on embracing the unexpected appeared while my husband John and I were on a one-week driving trip to visit the small towns where our ancestors used to live.  It was a very low key and absolutely delightful trip.  Talk about not the mainstream!  For professional service marketers, I found his final

Breaking out of the moldly old days

So you think your professional service firm has trouble breaking out of the mold to achieve innovative new practices?  Take a look Bruce MacEwen's fantastic post "The Birth of Innovation Requires the Death of Perfection."