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The Return of Market Intelligence

The topic of this 90-second video is “the return of market intelligence” in the professional services arena, from two perspectives.   First, market research is making a comeback from its previously low status in the marketing functional portfolio. Increasingly, senior marketing leaders are asking their mid-level marketing managers to do research as a springboard for marketing

Where are the clients in Competitive Intelligence?

Last night, I saw a 30-second TV ad called "Business: Inspiration" on Visa's new "Life takes Visa" campaign. Maybe my brain has been cramped these past few days, but I reacted as negatively to this pitch as I did to seeing yesterday the marcom materials for Jeffrey Gitomer's new book.  (And I'm a Visa card

Drinking the Competitive Intelligence Kool-Aid®

Today's Boston Globe features an article "Law Firms Learn How to Compete" that is sure to cause a roar amongst local and national law firms alike: it's the sound of copycats revving up their competitive engines. On one hand, I'm thrilled to see a journalist writing things like "Rivalry forces attorneys to act like a