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The ROI Trap

Professional service marketers too often fall into a trap if they pursue the wrong types of ROI measurement. One ROI trap is measuring the wrong things like non-client “events” such as click-throughs on an email campaign, web site hits, or media mentions. These activities are nice to know but not necessarily indicative of future sales.

Setting up effective professional services alumni relations programs

A CMO of a very well-respected financial services company is considering creating a structured alumni relations program for his firm. I volunteered to reach out to my senior marketing contacts about formal alumni relations programs. If your firm has such a program, we’d be interested in your perspectives on the questions below. (If I get

Can professional service firms learn from Lady GaGa?

I loved Jackie Huba's post on Lady GaGa's loyal fans.   Jackie's post outlines some of GaGa's innovative connection techniques, including nick-naming her fans, using a special hand signal, and encouraging her fans to put some of her performances on YouTube. I realize this is an artist we're talking about. Accountants, lawyers or management consultants may not rush to

What About Loyalty to Clients?

Did you catch the June 5 New York Times article "A Study in Why Major Law Firms are Shrinking"? The article quotes a White & Case lawyer: "Market forces have replaced 'the social contract,' a top partner there said: 'camaraderie is 'not terribly strong,' because 'people are very scared.' " . . . "The loyalty of the


. . . or maybe not. Last week I was a panel moderator of chief marketing officers at the 16th annual Marketing Partner Forum. This well-respected conference is targeted to senior-most marketing officers and partners at law firms. In my session, CMOs discussed their work to increase the effectiveness of marketing and business development, and their "doing

What compels you?

Since January of 2006, I have been involved on a volunteer basis with a loosely formed group of individuals from four different faith communities in my town to help bring relief to the victims of the Katrina Gulf Coast hurricane.  We concentrated our efforts on Biloxi Mississippi.  From January through October, our group, self named

Project Runway and professional services marketing

I admit it: I'm hooked on Project Runway.  Each Wednesday night, I'm glued to the TV at 10:00 PM eastern time to find out about the latest challenges, and to see who will be Auf'd next .  At first I was a little embarrassed by my curiosity about the success or demise of these individual

Network your way to success? Puh-LEEZ!

I'm up to my ears with books about how to become more personally effective in making business connections, building relationships, and networking my way to success.  Why, all of a sudden, are there so many books about relationship-building and "connecting?"  I admit I liked last year's book by Keith Ferrazzi, "Never Eat Alone."  I know

Quality is your best salesperson

One of the most important axioms I ever learn about professional services marketplace leadership was from Carl Bochmann, a former Booz Allen Hamilton partner, who taught me that "quality is your best salesperson."  No matter which professional sector I've advised, be it accounting or executive search, management consulting or architecture, or any other, this lesson

“At what cost?” Moment-of-Truth Decisions

Last week, with what I thought was reasonable clarity, I made a decision to attend an event.  This week, after having attended the event, I realized that it actually "cost" me more -- not in money, but in the expenditure of personal energy -- to attend than I had originally thought it would.  I regretted