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Expertise Marketing celebrates 20 years

Expertise Marketing just turned 20 years old! This milestone is worthy of celebration and reflection. I’m proud that I ran the business as a business, instead of just a Suzanne Lowe lifestyle choice. That meant being objective about successes and/or failures. It also meant running the business through a service portfolio. What revenue streams and

Grief + Gratitude

I am slowly returning to action after my daughter's death a month ago. It's hard, but good, to work with my wonderful clients and colleagues. So, yes -- I am grieving -- but also grateful. I co-authored this article this summer, with Diane Schmalensee from Schmalensee Partners. It's just out now, in the latest issue

A nod to Patrick McKenna

A few days ago, I posted a long thank-you list, expressing my gratitude to people who helped me with my new book, The Integration Imperative.  Buried in that list was Patrick McKenna, who deserves a special nod for his early enthusiasm for my work, encouragement to forge ahead and incredible network of senior-level professional service

My heartfelt thanks for helping me with The Integration Imperative

I'm getting many compliments about having just published The Integration Imperative. But I couldn't have done it without the help of so many people!  Such as.... My 2006 co-authored study advisors: In 2006 I co-published with Larry Bodine the findings of a significant research project, "Increasing Marketing Effectiveness at Professional Firms." Larry’s enthusiasm and generosity helped create a viable springboard

More arm twisting, more often

My blog has been silent for a few weeks.  I might as well confess now that I had hoped to be more active, but my second rotator cuff surgery of the year has sidelined me.  Unfortunately, this time it was my right shoulder, my dominant side, and I have learned voice recognition software in order