Professional Services Marketing and Selling Silos

The Integration Imperative: Erasing Marketing and Business Development Silos – Once and For All – in Professional Service Firms

By Suzanne C. Lowe

When it comes to competing effectively, achieving financial success and delivering optimal client service, professional and B2B firms keep looking for the Holy Grail in all the wrong places: “Hire big-time rainmakers!” “Acquire that hot boutique firm!”

Pursuing these solutions avoids the real problem: Marketing and selling are disconnected.

The real Holy Grail can be found by ensuring that marketing and business development are integrated into every function. The Integration Imperative summarizes three structural and cultural frameworks that professional- and B2B service firms can employ to achieve new effectiveness in marketing and business development, and ultimately, improve the firm’s value to clients.

Publication date: July 2009

Approximate length: 234 pages

ISBN: 978-0-615-29214-4

Library of Congress number: 2009929626

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