What are Your Firm’s Cultural Silos to Marketing and Business Development Integration?

A Professional Services Marketing Silos Assessment

For many professional service firms (PSFs), integrating marketing and business development (selling) functions can be an uphill battle if they haven’t yet identified their structural and cultural impediments to integration.

Take our short Cultural Integration Silos Assessment to see which cultural silos exist at your firm. Then you can take our Structural Integration Silos Assessment. From there, you will be invited to consider how elements of The Integration Imperative might be applied to erase these organizational silos.

Note: The assessment results are instant and 100 percent private, visible only to you. We do not collect any information about you.

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1. Many of our revenue-generating practitioners are allowed to avoid marketing and selling.
2. Our revenue-generating practitioners sometimes exclude marketers and business developers from important strategy decisions, meetings or initiatives.
3. We offer no possibility for equity ownership to nonrevenue-generating marketing and selling professionals.
4. We under-resource marketing and sales support; this leaves marketers and sellers little or no time to increase the value of their functions.
5. Our marketing and selling functions are poorly defined.
6. Our revenue-generating practitioners have unrealistic expectations about what nonrevenue-generating marketers and sellers can achieve.
7. Our managers have not succeeded in leading cultural shifts that could help the firm compete effectively in the future.
8. We do a poor job of preparing for the economy’s down cycles.
9. Our firm tightens its marketing or selling budgets in a knee-jerk fashion, regardless of those functions’ effectiveness.
10. We are not aggressively working to erase our marketing and selling silos.
11. We have only recently hired nonrevenue-generating marketing or selling professionals.
12. Our marketing and selling functions look like a patchwork quilt of definitions, organization structures, and reporting relationships.
13. People in marketing and selling positions come and go too frequently.
14. We don’t offer our marketing and selling professionals enough assistance in growing their academic credentials in service management, marketing or selling.
15. Our management function used to be more collegial. Now managers are expected to deliver tangible business results.
16. Increasingly, our managers are required to make decisions that have competitive consequences for the whole