Management Consulting

“Professional service firms tend to look for easy answers to the question of how to get new clients. Suzanne Lowe puts her finger on the biggest and hardest challenges and who shares responsibility for meeting them.”
Bill Matassoni, Retired McKinsey Partner and Marketing Director

“As Suzanne Lowe highlights, the PSF mindset is one of continuous mastery of your profession through talent development, skill development, and an awareness of best practices in your field.”
Juli Ann Reynolds, President and CEO, Tom Peters Company

“A must read for any serious professional services executive.”
David Harkleroad, Managing Director, Global Marketing, Hay Group

“Lowe again provides professional service firms with a template for making ourselves more effective and more successful. As in each of her preceding books she provides not only a construct for success but case studies that demonstrate best practices as well.”
Leon Schor, Vice President Sales and Marketing, L.E.K. Consulting

“Suzanne Lowe has always been a strategic thinker. In her latest book, she provides practical and applicable solutions to the craziness surrounding the business world today. Her laser-sharp insight explains both why and how successful companies (and government agencies) must break down stovepipes if they are to survive.”
Debrah A. Whitaker, President / CEO, The Balanced Scorecard for Government, Inc.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

“Suzanne Lowe makes a compelling argument regarding the often disconnected marketing and sales activities that take place in professional service firms. More importantly, The Integration Imperative offers the insights needed to overcome internal barriers to integration and offers examples of how it can be done.”
Paul R. Brown, Executive Vice President, Global Market Development, CDM

“Successful marketing and business development is a fundamental mindset that, at its best, is fully integrated into every business practice.When reflected throughout the organization in every thought, communication, service, and behavior, this marketing attitude provides a powerful influence on the ultimate experience of each client.”
Jon Alan Baker, FAIA, LEED AP, Partner, NTD Architecture

“Suzanne Lowe’s new book comes at a perfect time. It has never been more important to have all members of professional service firms add marketing and business development to their job descriptions. This book provides proven ideas and methods that work.”
Ed Kasparek, Senior Vice President, Director of Business Development, Thornton Tomasetti

Executive Recruiting

“The Integration Imperative offers a potent cocktail of robust theory, insightful case histories, and lateral thinking—any marketer will find something to chew on here.”
Sholto Douglas-Home, Group Marketing Director, Hays Plc

“Professional service firms leave so much money on the table because of the lack of integration between marketing and selling, and this book demonstrates the path to getting it right.”
Don Spetner, Executive Vice President and Chief Integration Officer, Korn/Ferry International


“An amazing blend of insight and in-depth real world examples. All professional firm marketers and managers should read this book.”
David Maister, Author and Consultant

“In extremely clear, well-documented fashion, Suzanne Lowe’s The Integration Imperative makes a significant contribution to the requisite body of knowledge for leaders of professional service firms across the board and around the world.”
Robert Galford, Managing Partner, Center for Leading Organizations, and co-author, The Trusted Advisor, The Trusted Leader, and Your Leadership Legacy

“Lowe’s latest book addresses the most fundamental issue that professional firms will face in taking their services to market over the coming decade.”
Ford Harding, Author, Rain Making: Attract New Clients No Matter What Your Field, 2nd edition

“This book will be an instant classic. Thanks to Suzanne Lowe’s insights, we finally have practical guidance on overcoming an essential challenge for professional service firms: how to bridge the divide between marketing and business development functions.”
Michael W. McLaughlin, Author, Winning the Professional Services Sale

“Suzanne Lowe addresses—with authority and uncommon skill—the two thorniest problems in law firm marketing—the disconnect between marketing and practice development, and between marketers and lawyers.”
Bruce W. Marcus, Author, The Marcus Letter

The Integration Imperative is a fabulous book! Right on target. Every professional service firm leader should read it cover to cover.”
Mike Schultz, President, Wellesley Hills Group and Author, Professional Services Marketing

“Suzanne Lowe’s new book is a perfect follow-up to her first book, Marketplace Masters. Now firms can know not just how vital marketing and selling functions are, but how to make them work together so that success will follow in good times as well as bad. No one can ignore the concepts in this book, nor find them anywhere else. Bravo!”
Ken Lizotte, Author, The Expert’s Edge: Become the Go-To Authority That People Turn to Every Time

“Great book! Lowe addresses the challenges and dynamics that are unique to professional service businesses. Should be required reading for all marketers, business developers, and services practitioners looking to grow their business.”
Erica Stritch, General Manager,

Education and Publishing

“Suzanne Lowe’s depth of knowledge and thoughtful presentation, particularly the case studies, provide hands-on, targeted, and relevant information that helped me to gain some important and actionable insights. This book should be mandated reading for professional service firm marketers and would also be meaningful for marketers in many other sectors.”
Barbara Gydé, Executive Director, Marketing and Business Development, Columbia Business School Executive Education

“Suzanne Lowe is so qualified to tackle this age-old challenge. She has been studying the role of the CMO in professional service organizations and leading CMO roundtable discussions for nearly 10 years, always with the goal of finding ways to do things differently and to do things better. I was lucky to be a member of one of her roundtables for several years.”
Connie Bennett, Retired Senior Vice President Enterprise Customer Management, The McGraw-Hill Companies


“Suzanne Lowe‘s book provides great insight to the yin and yang of marketing and business development at professional service firms; it is a must read for marketers, business developers, and firm leadership alike.”
Karen B. Hoy, Chief Marketing Officer, Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A.

“Once again Suzanne Lowe cuts the Gordian Knot of business and marketing with practical solutions. And she backs them up with lots of case studies to prove that they can actually be done.”
Larry Bodine, Esq., Apollo Business Development

“Marketing, sales, culture, and a firm’s people are the foundation of success, but success comes only when all four are in harmony. Suzanne Lowe explains how to make it so.”
Patrick Lamb, Founding Member, Valorem Law Group

Financial, Economic and Accounting Services

“Finally, a book that gets to the heart of the disconnect between marketers and sales professionals! Suzanne Lowe’s thoughts will enable leaders to improve significantly the effectiveness of their go-to-market strategies and ultimately lead to happier clients and greater business growth.”
Meredith Callanan, Vice President (Retired), Corporate Marketing & Communications, T. Rowe Price

“Lowe has done a great job of capturing the core messages of why and how marketing and business development functions within professional services firms need to be more effectively integrated to drive revenue and market share results.”
Russ Molinar, Director, Global Markets, Ernst & Young LLP

The Integration Imperative is structured for maximum usefulness. Each section is self-contained, and it is easy to pop in at any point and pick up content of value. The case studies are especially accessible and get at the thinking behind why these marketers did what they did—what motivated them.”
Eileen Harrington, Vice President of Marketing, Analysis Group

“It is wonderful to see Suzanne Lowe‘s professional knowledge and insights put into book format.”
Scott Adelson, Senior Managing Director, Houlihan Lokey

“Marketing arms business development with the right information so that firms can better focus their people to clearly demonstrate the value, insights, and results the firm can deliver. The integration of marketing and business development is imperative for a successful firm.”
Marc Busny, Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer, CBIZ Tofias & Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C.— Tofias New England Division

“I have worked with Suzanne Lowe over the years in my role as a marketing director for mid-size CPA firms. Her ability to integrate the sales and marketing functions to ensure firms grow as a result of their efforts at branding and marketing communications is the ‘missing link’ we have all been waiting for.”
Sally Glick, Principal, Chief Growth Strategist, Sobel & Co.

“Suzanne Lowe has tremendous insights in framing theory and implementation for The Integration Imperative. Beyond her professional wisdom, she involved marketing and practitioners in contributing their formulas for success. Managers who read this book will recognize their own bouts with ‘internalitis,’ develop a superior course, and be ready to walk in the clients’ shoes.”
Isidora K. Lagos, Principal, Head of Brand Marketing and Communications, William Blair & Company


“Services are different. Consequently, the rules for marketing and selling products don’t apply. In this book, Suzanne Lowe provides an invaluable guide for those chartered with business development for professional services.”
Julie Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Thought Leadership and Research, ITSMA

“Lowes’ latest book, The Integration Imperative, is a must read for any executive in a professional services firm that knows their marketing and business development should be producing better results. She provides practical recommendations and real world examples that can have an immediate impact on your business.”
David Munn, President & CEO, ITSMA

Real Estate

“Now is the time for marketing and sales disciplines to realize that they are part of the same purpose: to win, retain and grow customers. Suzanne Lowe’s latest book shows a practical and progressive way to integrate these interdependent business disciplines. It’s a welcome antidote to silos and division of labor.”
Charles Doyle, Chief Marketing Officer, JLL