We only work with professional service firms

Expertise Marketing is unique amongst professional serices marketings consulting firms, for several reasons.

We only work with professional service firms.
We only consult on strategic issues that relate to a firm’s growth and marketplace leadership. This means we refer any of the implementation aspects of a marketing program (for example, media relations or brochure writing) to others who focus on that area exclusively.
We work across professional sectors, enabling best practices from one sector to be applied to another.
Suzanne Lowe served in marketing roles in a number of professional firms, across sectors. Many professional services marketing consultants cannot claim this distinction.
We have conducted extensive practitioner-oriented research of the best practices in professional service marketing, in collaboration with the associations that represent the major professional services.
We convene independent Roundtables of Chief Marketing Officers of some of the world’s largest and most respected professional service firms.
We have built relationships with many of today’s most highly respected professional service thought leaders, academics and practitioners. These individuals guide us on our research, case studies and teaching, and also incorporate our work into theirs. Ultimately, our clients benefit from these collaborations.
We are driven to shape the development of emerging strategies in the field of professional service marketing, and to share our knowledge of these strategies with the leaders of professional service firms.
We work with clients around the globe.