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Avoid marketing department churn

In this video, I describe my view that marketing departmental structures in professional service firms can be categorized along a continuum.    On one end of the structural continuum is the never-changing, very hierarchical organizational model. In this framework, marketers are stove-piped into narrow functional responsibilities. They become stuck in roles that don’t afford new

Stereotypes are no longer acceptable!

In my video this week, I describe the study findings about workplace gender bias cited in a December 6, 2014 New York Times article by Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg (“When talking about bias backfires”). The article offers fascinating insights for professional services marketing.   “. . . new research suggests that, if we’re not

Friendship-Based Integration Is Not Enough

My new video highlights the continuing challenges of integrating marketing and sales (business development) in the professional services arena. Since publishing my book The Integration Imperative, there has been much progress to integrate these functions. And I'm pleased that the critical topic of integrating marketing and selling is addressed by the 2014-2015 Professional Services Leadership Initiative (PSLI).