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How mid-level marketers can provide new value

Suzanne Lowe highlights a popular topic for the Action Learning Projects at the 2014-15 Professional Services Leadership Initiative at the Robert H. Smith School of Business: integrating marketing and sales.   Why do marketing and selling disconnects exist between these functions at professional service firms? Part of the reason is that they work at different

Three trends in 2014 for professional services branding

One of the modules in our upcoming November 2014 Professional Services Leadership Initiative will be Global Branding. Check out my newest video about three trends I observe about professional services branding for 2014.   The first trend is the way brands are impacted by technology. Increasingly, professional service firms must manage the consistency between the digital and

Pricing strategy in professional services marketing

My new video addresses the increasing importance of pricing strategy in the professional services arena. The tradition -- prices being developed by a handful of professional service partners -- no longer affords an effective competitive advantage. That’s why mid-level marketers considered the Pricing Strategy module to be one of the most valuable subjects offered in the first cohort of

Suzanne Lowe’s new YouTube video channel

I've just launched my new YouTube video channel! I'll post periodic 60-90 second videos featuring my observations about the best practices and emerging trends in professional service marketing. To subscribe, click on the "Subscribe" button on the top-right of the video (it will open a new window).