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Cross-sector marketing education WORKS

It has been so gratifying to hear from real people whose words corroborate my hypothesis that cross-sector professional services marketing education makes them more effective at their jobs. ‚ÄúSuzanne- Wanted to say thank you for all your support during this program. It truly was a great experience and incredible to meet individuals within other professional services

More kudos about the PSLI experience

Here's a great quote from one of the marketing manager participants in our first Professional Services Leadership Initiative (PSLI). "Thank you so much for all the support during the PSLI courses.  I truly loved the learning experience, with amazing classmates/colleagues!  I will make sure to recommend this program to my colleagues in [my country] and any

There is progress on integrating professional services marketing and sales

One of the interactive breakouts during our first Professional Services Leadership Initiative (PSLI @SmithSchool) featured a 20-question quiz, based on a 2006 HBR article "Ending the War Between Sales and Marketing." I was pleasantly surprised by the results! Yes, professional service enterprises do have more work ahead, in order to fully integrate marketing and sales. But the participants' scores showed