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Services marketers: self-taught or formally trained?

Last week, I debuted my Learning to Fly newsletter series about skills growth in professional services marketing, business development, leadership and management. This series is relevant for anyone who has -- or wants to have -- responsibility for leading a professional firm to grow its market share. (Click here if you want to subscribe.)  I'm not the only one thinking about the

My new “Learning to Fly” newsletter series

One of the major themes of my latest book was that individuals’ skills growth -- or lack of it -- regarding marketing and business development was a major impediment to their professional firm's effectiveness in competing advantageously. No matter whether people were client-facing practitioners or administrative staff, their lack of knowledge about professional services marketing and business development

How to be an outstanding professional services CMO, Part 4

Here is my final set of observations from Egon Zehnder International's Executive Briefing for Chief Marketing Officers. You can download the 3-page report here: Download G__CMO Practice_2010 IP_CMO Brief #2 (2). The Egon Zehnder Executive Briefing cites findings that suggest "great CMOs can develop relatively easily into CEOs." Now, that statement is a telling one, and implies much about this

How to be an outstanding professional services CMO, Part 3

This is the third of my four-part set of observations about Egon Zehnder International's recent Executive Briefing for Chief Marketing Officers. Here's a download of the 3-page report. Download G__CMO Practice_2010 IP_CMO Brief #2 (2). (Go to page 2 for explanations of how Egon Zehnder International describes the characteristics of an outstanding CMO: a results orientation and change leadership.)