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Can professional service firms learn from Lady GaGa?

I loved Jackie Huba's post on Lady GaGa's loyal fans.   Jackie's post outlines some of GaGa's innovative connection techniques, including nick-naming her fans, using a special hand signal, and encouraging her fans to put some of her performances on YouTube. I realize this is an artist we're talking about. Accountants, lawyers or management consultants may not rush to

Substantive discussions about the future of law firms

Here is a link to the conference papers presented at the just-concluded Georgetown University Law Center's conference, "Law Firm Evolution: Brave New World or Business As Usual?"  My thanks to Robert Sawhney for sending me a link to his comments about some of the conclusions cited at this meeting, which was sponsored by the Center for the Study

How are consulting firms using the web for thought leadership?

Most consulting firms develop proprietary methodologies that they use to bring added value to their clients. Some of these methodologies have become mainstream business techniques (Balanced Scorecard, Net Promoter Score, Lean Thinking and Business Process Engineering).   How has the web changed the way thought leadership is created in the consulting arena? It's an intriguing question; so much