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Professional service marketing in Asia

It's a sign that a sector is maturing when someone begins to study and write about it -- in this case, professional services. It's a better sign when someone looks at that sector by geography -- in this case, Asia.  But it's an even stronger sign of the significance of the sector when someone begins to look

Do corporate silos serve a purpose? Well, yes they can

Do corporate silos actually offer a company some benefits? Well, yes, they can. For the opportunity to talk about this issue, I offer my gratitude to BL Ochman. BL is the only person to ask me that question (the very first one she asked in her just-posted interview with me) regarding the concepts in my new book, The Integration

Digital versus paper: what’s the future for professional services?

In the past several weeks, I've encountered questions about the effectiveness of digital marketing versus paper-driven communications. Today's WSJ piece "Marketers Still Prefer a Paper Trail," asserts that people are motivated to go to a Web site to buy when they see an item in a catalog.  Some of my marketing communication friends tell me that their professional service