Monthly Archives: June 2009


“Weak on Transitioning Prospects to Sales”

In his June 15 "At Large" newsletter column summarizing the recent 2009 Association for Accounting Marketing annual meeting, Rick Telberg summarizes the top 10 tips that emerged from the conference.  Guess what was number one? "Firms do a good job of marketing but are weaker on transitioning prospects to sales, wasting the firm’s marketing investment."

What About Loyalty to Clients?

Did you catch the June 5 New York Times article "A Study in Why Major Law Firms are Shrinking"? The article quotes a White & Case lawyer: "Market forces have replaced 'the social contract,' a top partner there said: 'camaraderie is 'not terribly strong,' because 'people are very scared.' " . . . "The loyalty of the

Is it really “thought leadership” — or just great design?

I just read a Booz & Co piece (authored by Munich-based partner Gregor Harter), entitled "Who Would Ever Want to be a CMO?" This white paper is targeted to the consumer goods world. Harter says, "Simply dazzling consumers with great creative is not enough anymore."  It gets me wondering about how PSF marketers approach the packaging of