Monthly Archives: May 2009

Packaging for Thought Leadership

In the last two weeks, I've received two very creatively packaged pieces of thought leadership on professional service marketing.  The first was a PDF from wals studios. It was entitled "Meet ROI: Marketing Metrics Survey Results."  Using an illustrated version of a fictitious architect or engineer, Roy, the authors outline their purpose for the document:

“The real barrier is our lack of courage…”

At the law firm conference panel discussion I facilitated in January, I asked two questions of the senior level attendees.  One of the questions was, "What is the most difficult barrier you face in leading autonomous professionals to accept forward-thinking marketing and business development changes?" I blogged about the conference attendees' responses here, but I

Want Marketing and BD effectiveness? Then talk to us!

In January, I posed a question to the attendees of a law firm marketing conference about the barriers they face in improving effectiveness.  Those attendees responses are featured here.  I asked the same questions of my blog readers. Here's what you said: What is the most difficult barrier your firm faces in improving marketing and business