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Differentiation in professional service firms

I'm often asked to provide examples of professional service firms whose differentiation strategies are visible -- that are manifested, instead of merely messaged.  I found another one, this time in the management consulting sector. It's AlixPartners, profiled in the January/February 2009 issue of Consulting Magazine.  Fred Crawford, the firm's CEO, states AlixPartners has "no junior-level people." According to Crawford, the firm's

Creating a culture of growth in professional service firms

Here's a link to a podcast on creating a culture of growth in professional services firms, featuring the Q&A section of a webinar I led recently for RainToday. The podcast (appx. 9 minutes) covers these questions: How can firms involve new-hires in marketing and sales? How can business developers help with their firm's marketing? How can firms motivate


. . . or maybe not. Last week I was a panel moderator of chief marketing officers at the 16th annual Marketing Partner Forum. This well-respected conference is targeted to senior-most marketing officers and partners at law firms. In my session, CMOs discussed their work to increase the effectiveness of marketing and business development, and their "doing