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STILL the only verified link between marketing measurement and effectiveness

A little more than two years ago, Larry Bodine and I released our groundbreaking report "Increasing Marketing Effectiveness for Professional Firms." Today we are re-releasing it for $225 (US). This 80-page study features in-depth quantitative and qualitative findings and a 68-page companion case-studies report from nearly 400 professional service firms in more than 12 sectors. 

Taking baby steps toward better serving clients

My friend Patrick McKenna just sent me a copy of his firm's latest research, "Current Practices in Client Teams." It was a study conducted in June 2008 of nearly 100 law firms regarding how they form multidisciplinary teams to better serve their clients.  Candidly, it appears law firms have a long way to go toward

In praise of building marketing and selling skills

I'm hunkered down, writing my second book, The Integration Imperative. One of my book's themes is that marketing and business development should be everyone's job, no matter what role they play within their professional service firms. For revenue-generating practitioners, it's often up to the individual to seek alternate ways to grow skills in marketing and

Does integrating professional services Marketing and Biz Dev Benefit CLIENTS?

The findings from the last of four mini-surveys dedicated to my upcoming book, The Integration Imperative, are now available here. In this two-question-survey, we asked professional service firms (PSFs) if erasing Marketing and Business Development silos makes (or could make) a positive difference for their clients. Even though the response base was very small (25