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Marketing and business development stuck in a rut?

I'm conducting another one-minute survey for my upcoming book. The title of this survey is “Are Marketing and Business Development Functions Stuck in a Rut?” The professional services marketplace is rapidly changing, but many professional service firms (PSFs) have yet to keep pace by evolving the functional scope of their non-revenue generating Marketers and Business

Hiring fee-earners who WANT to Market and Sell

The findings from the first of four mini-surveys dedicated to my upcoming book, The Integration Imperative, are now available here.  Respondents comments -- and what they DIDN'T say -- provided a rich behind-the-scenes look at the very real silos and disconnects that PSFs face today in effectively marketing and selling their services.  Here's my take

I’m at the February 2008 Carnival of Trust

My friend Charles Green is using the blog carnival concept (a collection of blog posts that are deemed worthy of a blogger's chosen theme; I think Charlie started his Carnival of Trust in 2006.)  The theme for the Carnival of Trust is a demonstration of business trust.  Each month, the (rotating) host selects the Top