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Pricing: An Elephant in the Professional Services Room?

Kudos to RainToday for launching a study on pricing in professional services (even though it only covers U.S. firms).  Some of the things the study will cover include: firms that have been able to charge higher prices to see what they do differently than those with average and lower fees how brand recognition affects the

Do PSF practitioners WANT to market and sell?

I hope you can take a minute to help me with research for my upcoming book. Are your professional service firm's (PSF) Marketing and Business Development functions operating as disconnected silos? Could these functions be more effective at collaborating and sharing accountability? Let us know how your firm is doing at integrating its Marketing and

Can PSFs “PSF” themselves?

Tom Peters has invented a new verb: to PSF.  I love it!  Tom Peters has a slew of posts this week here, here, here, and especially here, about how companies can PSF themselves, essentially creating a new internal department or initiative that brings new and very unique value, and innovation to an enterprise and to

Are you “cup half-empty” on Marketing ROI?

Paul Dunay is.  I just received his latest Buzz Marketing for Technology newsletter, which featured a link to an intriguing post entitled "Is ROI Killing Marketing?" Dunay's got a special facility for exaggerating to make a point  (he even says he does this on purpose!).  This is a technique that actually DOES make people stop

From “Out of the Box” to “Zero Gravity” Thinking

I'm humbled to be mentioned as being a valuable non-lawyer resource for lawyers by Patrick McKenna.   In his December 30, 2007 post # 271, McKenna cites me among a number of other professional service bloggers who "will break some windows and let in some fresh air."   Amy Campbell picked up McKenna's post, and cites

I told the truth — and got hired anyway

Liar, liar, pants on fire! For those of us -- ahem -- seasoned pros, we're supposed to have handled every type of engagement, right?  Our prices are set to match our marketplace tenure, right?   We want to be recognized for our experience, right?    OK.  Tell the truth.  You HAVEN'T done it all, have you?