Monthly Archives: March 2007


Lawyers ahead of management consultants

"We're in a relationship business," says Dennis Fleischmann, managing partner of law firm Bryan Cave's New York office as he discusses the firm's women-only networking events in Carol Hymowitz's "In the Lead" column in today's Wall Street Journal (subscription required).  Hymowitz reports on how numerous other professional service firms and other corporate leaders are employing

Nothing new to say?

More great stuff on consulting firms' thought leadership effectiveness (or the lack of it!) from Fiona Czerniawska, featured in a recent issue of Management Consulting News.  Her report, White Space 2007, examines "the most, the best and the worst [thought leadership] material produced by top global consulting firms."  The focus this time is HR consulting

Show me the money

Blackstone Group's much-publicized announcement of its plans to go public has released a flood of commentary (here and here, subscription required) about its intentions.    Blackstone's leaders -- no dummies, those folks -- appear to have figured out how to tap the market at its peak while still maintaining the veneer of the private-firm structure.