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What should be expected of “marketing experts?” Part VII

I've been ranting in a series of posts lately about what should be expected of marketing experts (and of course what we should expect from ourselves). Fiona Czerniawska's article on thought leadership last week from Mike McLaughlin's fantastic Management Consulting News brought new perspectives.  Czerniawska reported on her research about the comparative amount of thought

What should be expected of marketing “experts?” Part VI

What does a seasoned marketing expert do when he finds out that a new "name brand" marketing expert will be brought on board above him?  And when it's rumored that the probable pay package for this "name" marketer (based on common knowledge of the candidate's current pay package where he works now) will be a

What should be expected of “marketing experts?” Part V

I'm awarding the "honesty" award to my fellow blogger Barbara Walters Price, who posted the following observation on her blog in response to my latest series of posts that "expert" marketers have got to ramp up on strategic skills in order to help lead their firms, and their own careers, toward greater competitive effectiveness.   "We

“What should be expected of “marketing experts?” Part IV

I gave a speech last week to a professional association on the topic of "The Evolution of the CMO."  I was half-way through my points about how marketers need to step up their skills in quantitative analytics (and qualitative, too, but I wasn't there yet), when an audience member raised her hand and said (I