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What should be expected of “marketing experts?” Part III

In the last two weeks, I've heard from two global professional service firms about their desire to rebuild their marketing function.  They've begun the process well:  selecting and interviewing a well-rounded group of senior leaders and influencers in order to determine what these internal clients want and need.  In both cases I've been asked to

What should be expected of “marketing experts?” Part II

Here's a continuation of my thoughts on what "what makes one marketer more expert than the other." A marketing expert finds a way to get closer to the firm's clients. This requires that marketing leaders help their firms learn more about the clients than they already know.  Of course, doing this may be a hurdle

What should be expected from a “marketing expert?” Part I

Last November 1, I blogged about the nature of marketing expertise.  I asked a provocative question:  "what makes one marketer more expert than the other?" This post stimulated the largest number of comments and trackbacks of any of my 2006 posts on The Expertise Marketplace; it also stimulated extended conversations on several other blogs (here,

Lessons I learned in 2006

Here's what I learned (or had re-validated) in 2006 about expertise-based marketing. Your credentials may get you in the door, but after that, it's how you behave that contributes to the growth of your business. James Brown, "the hardest working man in show business," had rock 'n' roll credentials that attracted generations of new fans. 

The sound of silence

My blog has been silent for the past two months.  I send my thanks to those of you who noticed and inquired if anything was wrong.  The answer is: yes, there was something terribly wrong -- one of my three wonderful children had her fourth surgery in three years, related to a rare form of