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Globalization and the Power of Intention

Most U.S. based professional service firms are working hard to gain a competitive foothold in the increasingly global economy.  Every meeting I attend has some discussion about making breakthrough moves in China or India.  But often I feel that the frame of reference is still deeply American.   Everyone knows they need a new reference-point, but

The seismic shocks of social media

It's been a long time since I've thought about tectonic plates.  You know, those huge chunks of the Earth's crust that used to be all jammed together, and for the past jillion years have been drifting, sometimes colliding and sometimes leaving vast oceans.  It's happening again -- in another way.  This time, the "tectonic plates"

It’s not the thoughts but the LEADERSHIP

Late last week, I promised I would write stories that wove marketing into my daily post-rotator-cuff-surgery physical therapy sessions.  I had to wait several days, suffering through excruciating arm stretching, in order for inspiration to hit.  Today, I had three epiphanies: As I've encountered numerous physical therapists, I noticed that each had a different approach. 

What compels you?

Since January of 2006, I have been involved on a volunteer basis with a loosely formed group of individuals from four different faith communities in my town to help bring relief to the victims of the Katrina Gulf Coast hurricane.  We concentrated our efforts on Biloxi Mississippi.  From January through October, our group, self named

More arm twisting, more often

My blog has been silent for a few weeks.  I might as well confess now that I had hoped to be more active, but my second rotator cuff surgery of the year has sidelined me.  Unfortunately, this time it was my right shoulder, my dominant side, and I have learned voice recognition software in order

What will be your leadership legacy?

In my September newsletter, Marketplace Masters™, I began a look at the future of the professional services marketing function.  For my October issue, I plan to take a deeper look at this issue -- that of our Leadership Legacy, which I believe will shape the future of our profession.  Most of us clearly understand that

Retiring a brand icon

Last spring, I learned that I'm a distant cousin of Mississippi civil rights and education pioneer James Meredith. Today, I returned from attending the dedication of a statue and monument honoring him on the campus of Ole Miss, which finally admitted him as its first black student in 1962 after a firestorm of white opposition. 

The State of Co-branding

The co-branding arrangement between Bob Woodward and his home base, The Washington Post, illustrates the classic symbiotic relationship between star professionals and their "homebase" firms.  When The Post's competing newspaper, The New York Times, leaked Woodward's new book, State of Denial, before The Post could begin its own promotional campaign, I thought we'd hear an