Monthly Archives: September 2006


What the future of the PSF Marketing function

For the September issue of my monthly newsletter, The Marketplace Master™, I’m going to focus on the future of the Marketing function in professional service firms.  Please weigh in here with a comment if you are willing to offer your thoughts.    Here’s the question:  Ten (10) years from now, what will be different about

Is this what they meant by “baking a bigger pie?”

The September 11, 2006 800 CEO blog post featured a new book called "The Power of Nice: How to Conquer the Business World with Kindness."  Blogger Jack Covert writes: "One of the chapters is called, “Bake a Bigger Pie”. The premise is that we should share and if your share is too small, bake a

Embrace the unexpected

Seth Godin's blog post on embracing the unexpected appeared while my husband John and I were on a one-week driving trip to visit the small towns where our ancestors used to live.  It was a very low key and absolutely delightful trip.  Talk about not the mainstream!  For professional service marketers, I found his final

Breaking out of the moldly old days

So you think your professional service firm has trouble breaking out of the mold to achieve innovative new practices?  Take a look Bruce MacEwen's fantastic post "The Birth of Innovation Requires the Death of Perfection."   

Grill Debbie Weil about blogging

Many professional service firm marketers and managers are on the fence about the value of blogging for their businesses.  Take a look at Debbie Weil's blog post inviting people to grill her during her September 20 teleconference about the rationale for blogging.  Now that's bold.  (Weil is the author of "The Corporate Blogging Book.") 

Getting kicked out ain’t what it used to be

In recent weeks, we watched Pluto get demoted and Tom Cruise get snubbed.  With reality shows all over the place (featuring people getting eliminated from too many contests to track), getting kicked out is almost becoming de rigeur.  And now today comes news of the latest in the revolving door at Hewlett Packard, whose board