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Professional service marketers’ global experience

If you're a senior marketer in a large multi-office professional services firm -- and especially if you're the CMO -- you already know what it means to spend a lot of time in transit.  Face time among your internal clients is an imperative in order to lead your firm's people to row in a common

Project Runway and professional services marketing

I admit it: I'm hooked on Project Runway.  Each Wednesday night, I'm glued to the TV at 10:00 PM eastern time to find out about the latest challenges, and to see who will be Auf'd next .  At first I was a little embarrassed by my curiosity about the success or demise of these individual

Where are the clients in Competitive Intelligence?

Last night, I saw a 30-second TV ad called "Business: Inspiration" on Visa's new "Life takes Visa" campaign. Maybe my brain has been cramped these past few days, but I reacted as negatively to this pitch as I did to seeing yesterday the marcom materials for Jeffrey Gitomer's new book.  (And I'm a Visa card

Network your way to success? Puh-LEEZ!

I'm up to my ears with books about how to become more personally effective in making business connections, building relationships, and networking my way to success.  Why, all of a sudden, are there so many books about relationship-building and "connecting?"  I admit I liked last year's book by Keith Ferrazzi, "Never Eat Alone."  I know

Beam me up, Scotty

Talk about building brand equity!  Nobody does it better than William Shatner.  This 75-year old hotshot has managed to grow his personal brand for the last 30+ years -- and he has done so with the most delightful savvy.  Becoming the pitchman for  Playing an Alzheimer's-addled boob (yet with tremendous appeal) on "Boston Legal"

Gender, professional services pricing and Glass Cliffs

This week's news that Indra Nooyi will take over the reins of PepsiCo will bring the inevitable re-focus on the ROI of female corporate leadership.    Most of the pundits will look at PepsiCo's large size, its recent financial successes, and the likelihood (or not) of this particular woman to keep moving the ball down

Marketing — Defense or Offense?

Today I heard the 11th or 12th person this summer tell me they see signs of a potential softening of the professional services economy.  If you're a leader in a professional service firm, you're accountable for helping your firm prepare for weakening demand.  And mostly, these leaders tell me they are not prepared and simply

Professional firm web sites that generate leads

I am well known for encouraging professional service firm marketers and management leaders to do better at looking outside of their personal and professional confines, to truly embrace an outside-in mindset about marketing and growing their firm.  This is hard to do.  We humans are instinctively interested in what we ourselves think, feel, know, or

Patrick McKenna’s new e-book

I'm back from vacation, feeling refreshed and ready to roll.  It looks like a lot was released while I was gone -- great content for professional services marketers.  (Who said August was slow? ) One of the most challenging aspects I have encountered in advising firms large and small is that of individual leadership toward

BW’s Global Brands Rankings

Business Week has just published its latest annual rankings of The 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. Their "best" and "worst" lists and commentary are a stimulating read about the game of branding and a chance to think about how professional services firms are thinking about brands.  The BW list is weighted heavily toward products companies,