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Listen to me! Part 2

Larry Bodine and I published an article on measuring the effectiveness of branding ("Branding: Let's Not get Fooled Again!") (Download smps_marketer_june_06_research_.pdf) in the June issue of the Society for Marketing Professional Services magazine, Marketer.  One of our readers, Bruce asked:  "How does listening to the client get manifested in a way that is objective, fact

Listen to me! Part 1

I had several great questions following last week's co-presentation with Larry Bodine at a Society for Marketing Professional Services webinar on our 2006 "Increasing Marketing Effectiveness" study results.  Erin wrote:  “Could you comment further on the 'listen to your client' metric? What exactly do you mean by that?”  There are really two issues to share

To tell you the truth . . .

Whether your professional service firm uses the seller-doer model or a staff-side business development approach (or as many PSFs do, both) the issue of trust in selling professional services is paramount.  That's why I recommend Charles Green's latest book "Trust-Based Selling." One of the key themes of this book is the importance of telling the

Professional firm CMOs: watch your back?

The executive search firm Spencer Stuart has just published its annual survey on the life span of a CMO at an American company.  As mentioned by Leigh Duncan in her MarketingProfs DailyFix blog post, the article, which appeared in AdAge, states bluntly: The job of CMO has become one of highest-stressed, shortest-tenured in American industry

The Baggy-Pants Marketing Syndrome

The June 20 Wall Street Journal "Page One" featured a laugh-out-loud article, "Perpetrator Problem: It's Hard to Run Away In Falling Trousers."  I loved reading the examples about cops catching the bad guys, who keep tripping while running away from the scene of the crime! I'm not the only one who has wondered about the

Measuring the results of social media

Bill Neal, a market research guru if there ever was one, offers his insights on the phenomenon of social media, and the pitfalls of measuring it, In a fascinating interview here.  In essence, Neal says we should measure the influence of social media participants, but we should do so with the understanding that they don't

Drinking the Competitive Intelligence Kool-Aid®

Today's Boston Globe features an article "Law Firms Learn How to Compete" that is sure to cause a roar amongst local and national law firms alike: it's the sound of copycats revving up their competitive engines. On one hand, I'm thrilled to see a journalist writing things like "Rivalry forces attorneys to act like a

Swim with the tide Part 3

For the past two days I've addressed a critical issue -- defining success -- for professional service marketers at new jobs or with new bosses.  My comments are based on a post about a new book called Sink or Swim, which says (in so many words), "You have 12 weeks to get it right with

Movers and shakers

Take a look at the new Business Week online piece profiling 25 Innovators.  Each Champion of Innovation features a great picture and a fun quick-read paragraph of the reasons why BW picked them.  Interestingly, the majority are women.  They look like they are having the time of their professional lives. 

Swim with the tide Part 2

Yesterday I began addressing the issue of a senior marketer's tenure at a professional service firm in context to the issue of defining success.  Here's the second pitfall as outlined in a post about a new book called Sink or Swim, which says (in so many words), "You have 12 weeks to get it right