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My newest post on MarketingProfs Daily Fix

Many of you already know about, a respected Internet source that features broad-based marketing knowledge from professionals and professors (180,000 readers and a strong stable of contributors to newsletters, seminars, job and vendor listings).     I'm pleased to let you know that, a few times a month, I'll be posting new content on the

Professional service firm identity management – Part 3

Here's Part 3 of my discussion on identity management in professional service firms.  In a recent post and separate article, David Maister comments on the challenges that professional service firm leaders have in sticking to their strategy.  I've seen it happen myself: a firm determines a course of action, and then allows itself to be

If your intellectual capital sucks . . .

Take a look at the funny-but-true cartoon by Hugh McLeod that's featured on one of today's MarketingProfs "Daily Fix" blog posts.  Professional services marketers, simply substitute the word "services" with the word "products!"

Professional service firm identity management – Part 2

Here's Part 2 of my discussion of Identity Management issues for professional service firms. Building an undifferentiated identity around a celebrity spokesman.  A few days ago, Larry Bodine's blog featured a post about accounting firm J.H. Cohn tapping Yankee manager Joe Torre to be its celebrity spokesman.  This move certainly will bring the firm some

Professional service firm identity management – Part 1

I've been intrigued in recent days by several discussions about the complex issue of "identity management" for professional service firms.  I'll address these in the coming days, with a separate post that tackles an aspect of this complex subject.  Here's Part 1. Identity misinterpretation.  Malcolm Gladwell writes about the personal-branding phenomenon, Cesar Millan, "The Dog

Two valuable sources of marketing insights

I'm pleased to be included as one of the authors on two Internet publications. Rain Today features marketing and selling content that is specifically targeted to professional service firms.  Marketing Profs ("Marketing know-how from professionals and professors") has a broader industry purview, but offers valuable content for the professional service sector.  Both of these Internet

Social Networking or Communities of Practice

A client recently asked what I know about an arena that she calls "communities of practice."  She was interested in hearing about how professional service firms are intentionally facilitating peer-to-peer knowledge exchanges amongst clients, prospects, sector influencers and other thought leaders.  Talk about a unique way to build client loyalty!  Call it what you want: 

Marketers on a mission

I just caught a glance at Seth Godin's blog post in which he describes the three big barriers that companies believe are hindering their growth.  I found the second one intriguing, in which companies and their marketers engage in a lack of authenticity as they tell their companies' stories.  Godin suggests that company leaders who,

Would Market-Based Management Work for PSFs?

Most PSF marketers spend their careers working to move their companies to embrace more nimble marketplace practices.  (Some have wailed to me that their companies are like barges in an ocean of speedboats!)  Indeed, in these consensus-driven micro-societies, new ideas often get watered down to the lowest common denominator in order to be accepted by

Going viral

One of the pleasures of Internet marketing is the incredible uptake of even the most simple new marketing message.  Sure, we've all been jealous when we hear from our professional services bretheren that a snippet of Internet video has gotten picked up broadly and favorably.    But what about the pain from the unwelcome spread