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Sticky websites

I'm still on a roll about Marketing and the Internet.  And it appears that more people agree with me that Google is dramatically changing the rules of the Marketing game.  Take a look at Seth Godin's new post calling for businesses to use their web sites more interactively than ever before.  He says, "In fact,

Chief Innovation Officers in professional service firms

The traditional PSF marketer -- even those who grew up within their profession's ranks, and later became one of their firm's marketers -- had nothing to do with innovation.  But there's a new focus on innovation as a discreet function within businesses, and that it can be managed and led.  Hooray to that, I say. 

Goggled over Google marketing

Yikes -- I've lost count of how many senior marketers have told me they need to learn more about "new media" (blogging, podcasting, and using the Internet to build awareness with targeted audiences).  Well I'll say they do!  Even a casual review of the Internet's virtual conversation on Marketing related topics is simply staggering.  But

Are we having fun yet?

I loved B.L. Ochman's recent post that marketers are not having enough fun.  Isn't it the truth!  Sometimes I think we are too harried, stretched too thin from travel, and too grim from internal political machinations in order to simply enjoy the ride.  I interact with a lot of very successful professional service firm senior

Force your clients to measure?

Check out Seth Godin's latest two blog posts: Measure That  and But Don't Measure This.  His big point:  "There's no doubt that you should measure things that are both important and measurable. When you do, it's inevitable that what you measure improves."  After all the research that I and others have done on the positive

Wanted: Brains, Guts and Glory

Since I began my career in professional services marketing twenty years ago, I've noticed a distinct swing of the function's pendulum:  from all "doing" to now a truly challenging balancing act between "doing" and "thinking."  The good news is that many of the services now highly expected from the professional firm's marketing "department," like media

Mischief and Diabolical Moves

Guy Kawasaki's blog post on The Art of Driving Your Competition Crazy brings up thought-provoking  and timely questions for professional service firms -- especially if the PSF marketplace hits another economic downturn.  Below is my version of a point - counterpoint.  Kawasaki says, "Before you can drive your competition crazy, you have to understand what