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Getting zingy

Most of you know that my blog is more about the "why" of professional services marketing rather than the "how."   An inevitable question for Marketing leaders has got to be:  "Why should we care about the explosion of 'electronic connectivity' communication vehicles?  Most of our firms' client decision makers are soon-to-retire baby boomers who wouldn't

Trust begins with you and me

The Guerrilla Consulting blog just posted a link to Edelman's 2006 annual "Trust Barometer."  Here's a slightly altered version of the post I made in reply: The findings verify much of what many of us already understand ("offer quality services, attend to clients' needs, price fairly, etc."). But there's a nugget buried about 3/4 of

Can Loyalty Exist with Innovation?

Fast Company just posted on its blog the following quote from an article written by Susan Lyne, the CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia: "If people get what they expect from a brand -- and more -- they're going to stick with it."  This makes sense as it relates to fairly repeatable purchases or rarely-changed

Marketplace Effectiveness: more fun than the alternative

I submitted a comment on David Maister's blog regarding his post on the Shoemaker's children.  Here it is: David, you are correct in identifying “the Shoemaker’s children” as a continuing problem in professional service firms.  I think we must be careful, however, not to fall into the trap of assuming that the reasons for this

The Be Better Trap

I just read an articulate article about differentiation in professional service firms, written by my esteemed colleague Bruce Marcus, in the latest newsletter from Rain Today.  Many of my readers and clients know about my extensive work (and copyrighted methodologies) on this topic, so I hope Bruce will forgive my disagreement.  First, he begins with

CMO evaluation forms

A member of my research brain trust has asked me to help her find samples of CMO evaluation forms / guidelines / documents.  I realize these may be specific to each firm, but it’s worth a query to my readers, especially given all the recent attention to the Marketing function’s effectiveness.  Does anyone have something

Where are YOUR clients going

Earlier this week, I received a promotional e-mail from BTI Consulting about its new research on "How [Law Firm] Clients Hire, Fire and Spend."  The report summary outlines some of the findings: 53.7% of clients ousted their primary law firm; Only 30.7% of clients recommend their primary law firm; 64.3% of clients plan to hire

White Men

Last month I discovered a surprising possible family connection during research on my ancestors -- it has caused me to reexamine my beliefs about the complex issues of race and socio-economics.  I've considered this exploration as a mostly personal journey.  But in the past few days, I've been struck by two items that I think

Patience is not a virtue

A CMO of a large global professional service firm was recently complimented publicly by a senior manager who extolled this marketer's patience as the leader of the firm's marketing program.  "It was really painful to hear that," the CMO said. "In fact, I am patient, and have had to be so for years."  But patience

On growling and denial

My 80-year-old father-in-law has developed a wobble in his walk. He's fallen a few times in the past months, once resulting in a skinned knee and once resulting in a shoulder injury.  So why is he resisting the idea of using a cane?  He doesn't want to admit that he needs it, even though, when