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Unveiling the Obvious?

Before it was published, I received an advance uncorrected proof of "The Big Moo." It's a compliation of more than 75 short essays that are authored by 33 business thought leaders and best selling writers, including Malcolm Gladwell ("The Tipping Point," "Blink"), Tom Peters, Guy Kawasaki, Christopher Meyers, Fast Company's Alan Webber and Booz Allen

CMOs as investment managers?

I subscribe to The McKinsey Quarterly, an online newsletter that offers insight into this leading strategy consulting firm's thinking.  A June 2005 article,"Boosting Returns on Marketing Investment,"  caught my eye.  (It does require a premium membership to read the full text.) Even though this article is directed mainly at consumer products, retailers, and automotive manufacturers,

In search of a return on customers

In late 2005 the Financial TImes included the interview: "In search of a return on customers," (registration required) by Simon London.  London interviews Return on Customer co-author Don Peppers (co-author of The One to One Future) about his new book, whose central message is that "any decline in the lifetime value of customers costs me

The death of a Marketing salesman

In the last eighteen months, I’ve written two articles for CMO Magazine, which had a great editorial mission: information for the chief marketing officer.  (My two articles are Perception is Reality and The Five Pillars of Wisdom.) Even though this publication was not specifically targeted toward the professional services arena, I thought it offered valuable

Hunters versus farmers

At the inaugural meeting of the PM Forum USA's New England chapter in Boston the keynote speakers presented a talk entitled "Brand, reputation, and professional services."  Most of their comments could be categorized as introductory, except for a few points that made me wonder about the way professional service firms really think about branding.  Specifically,

Creating Experiences

Ever since the book The Experience Economy was published in 1999, I have encouraged professional service firms to stage experiences as a way to differentiate.  Beyond occasional public commentary by the book's authors, though, I have not seen much written or presented about this topic.  The November 2005 issue of CMO Magazine included the following

E-mail as a relationship marketing strategy

Do you think that professional service firms are maximizing the effectiveness of their emails, especially when it comes to cultivating client relationships? I recently came across a white paper that discusses high impact e-mail marketing.  It's from the Peppers & Rogers Group, well-respected products-oriented marketing consultants. Download the white paper (PDF 278 KB) The paper


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